This section presents a strategic framework for the Colin Neighbourhood Initiative.

It has been developed on the basis of the:
  • strategic context;
  • assessment of need;
  • community consultation; and
  • swot analysis and framework for addressing needs.
This section is presented in diagrammatic form in Figure 7.1.
figure 7.1 framework


“a neighbourhood, where people are happy to live, play, work and study. A community where families feel safe, people are respected, supported and where the achievements of local people are celebrated”.
  • Vision
  • Objectives
  • Themes
  • Mission
“to develop and implement a co-ordinated approach to address the needs of the Colin Community while highlighting the successes and potential of the area and it’s people”.
Based on the findings of the needs analysis, the following set of objectives are proposed as the basis for the Colin Neighbourhood Strategy. These are the main objectives which the CNI should seek to achieve.
7.3.1 People and Place
to develop the concept of the Colin Neighbourhood as a distinct, vibrant, safe and healthy community by 2020;
to develop (by March 2004) a structure for CNI which is representative of the community, transparent in its business and accountable to the community for it’s decisions;
to advocate a policy and ethos of ‘expecting the very best’ for the community, anything less in not acceptable;
to use the Colin Strategy as the basis for developing partnerships across the community, business and public sectors for the greater good of the Colin Community; and
that CNI needs to recognise the importance of the key constituent neighbourhood areas of Kilwee, Lagmore, Poleglass and Twinbrook.
7.3.2 Services
to use the Colin Neighbourhood Strategy as the basis for identifying and prioritising the needs of the community and ensuring that those statutory agencies responsible for the delivery of public services meet their responsibilities;
The CNI should only seek to deliver essential initiatives or projects where there is no other body / organisation in the area with the capacity and or competence to deliver;
and to agree and implement a rolling framework which positively contributes to improving the quality of life for all the residents and stakeholders of the Colin community.
7.3.3 Leadership
through positive leadership, to empower the community with a sense of belonging, pride and commitment to the Colin area and to foster civic pride, respect and engender a sense of civic responsibility within community;
to ensure the regular updating of the needs and issues of the Community to ensure that the CNI reflects the community;
and to ensure that the CNI remains primarily a co-ordinating and lobbying body for the area.
There are a range of themes identified within the Colin Strategy which provide a framework for addressing needs in the short, medium and long term; a balance of both of showing a new way forward and a reflection of the aspirations of the community;
Physical Regeneration: the physical sign of what can be achieved and a fundamental issue of a ‘sense of place’;
Employability and Employment: a key source of tackling poverty is the acquisition of employment. This requires the appropriate skills for the employment market place;
Health and Caring Neighbourhood : as fundamental to well being and the Health Service plays a key role in the lives of most citizens; and
Education and Learning Neighbourhood: a basic human right and the source of opportunity and life choices; and The key priorities are outlined below.
The Themes can be found as:
  • Colin Town Centre;
  • Health and Caring;
  • Education;
  • Training and Employment;
  • Employment;
  • Social Economy;
  • Recreation/Sport/Leisure Facilities;
  • Housing, Land Environment, Transportation; and
  • Justice, Crime and Community Safety.
These are presented in Section 8.
Throughout the strategy development process it became evident that while many groups and individuals work tirelessly and with limited resources, the actual vision and focus of the efforts is being blurred through frustration and lack of co-ordinated support.
In addition, a great source of frustration is the belief that that while serious endeavours are being made to tackle local problems, the lack of a co-ordinated approach across the various stakeholders results in an impact which does not reflect the effort.
The consultation identified a high level of frustration and anger at the apparent failure of those responsible for the delivery of services to meet their obligations. The source of these frustrations ranged from the highly publicised activities of car theft and its impacts on local communities to the limited leisure facilities, particularly for young people.
Recognising the breadth and depth of the issues which in many cases are deep rooted within the Colin community, there is a need to establish a vision and to work progressively towards addressing that vision.
7.5.1 Leadership
The efforts of the Colin Neighbourhood Steering Group over the past number of years shows a clear commitment to driving positive change across the neighbourhood. However, the steering group, which has enabled this strategy to be developed recognises that real impact will only happen through clear focus with appropriate resources, driven by leadership.
Colin Neighbourhood has many leaders across elected public representatives, local investors/ entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers, community workers, clergy and residents. It is critical that this leadership is harnessed into an effective force for positive change in the Colin area.
7.5.2 Change
The need for change is recognised across the Colin community and this should be reflected in the addressing the activities of the CNI. The strategy provides a framework for going forward positively and confidently. The
strategy reflects the needs of the community as identified by the community.
The CNI needs to reflect the ability to:
  • remain representative and the voice of its community;
  • where appropriate lead the wider community to empower itself through tackling local issues e.g. abuse of alcohol and drugs within the community;
  • work in partnership with statutory bodies while ensuring that the appropriate level and quality of services are being delivered to the Colin community; and
  • lead the community and voluntary bodies to ensure that those responsible for delivering services do so at an appropriate level and quality.