Low Intensity CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Trainging)

Date: Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:00

Venue: Cloona House

Low Intensity CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Training)

6 hour workshop

This course is aimed at youth workers, mental health workers, and professionals working with people with emotional or mental health difficulties. Good thinking skills, support and self-care are central to supporting well-being and resilience. Low intensity work means the member of staff has the skills to coach people through the use of CBT-based self-help material. The training will build the confidence and skills of participants to use two resources with their clients, The Bouncing Back Workbook and Bend Don’t Break.

Workers attending this workshop should have in place:

- Be able to work one-to-one or in groups with people over 5-6 sessions

- Supervision where level of interventions and the need for onward referral are considered

- Be willing to participate in an evaluation using this approach and materials with at least one client over the next three months.

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