On Saturday 29th July, 10.00am – 2.00pm.

At Colin Allotments Healthy Living Centre, 30 Colin Glen Road, Belfast BT17 0LR.

£40 per person, lunch included.

To book via Eventbrite visit: https://resiliencebelfast.eventbrite.com. Alternatively, contact Matthew at Colin Allotments on 028 90612317 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Life can sometimes get overwhelming and in the modern era, most of us experience stress on a daily basis.


We invite you to join us for a 1/2 day workshop to learn how to bounce back in the face of daily stress. Busyiness and stress are not always bad, but we need to have the ability to cope with it.


Build your Resilience to Stress v2


During the workshop, resilience consultant and nutritional therapist, Claire Clerkin, will help you to navigate your path to becoming more resilient and enhance your coping skills.


- Discover how our lifestyles pre-dispose us to being stressed.

- Learn positive mindsets to change habits and reprogramme how you react to stress.

- Discover practical lifestyle changes that will help you become physically and emotionally more resilient to life's challenges.

- Connect your physical health and your ability to cope with stress.


This interactive workshop will includes elements of lifestyle, positive psychology and nutrition. It is not group therapy or a mindfulness class (although those are great for building resilience too!). The aim is to get you thinking about how you can start to reduce the overwhelm of work or life stress.


A light lunch will be available. Please indicate any dietary requirements when booking.


Claire is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Resilience Consultant. Claire works with individuals and groups to guide them on the road to great health and well-being. She also works with businesses to enhance resilience at work. She is passionate about helping people make integrated, realistic changes to achieve wellness and to thrive.


Claire is a registered member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) and the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Applied Nutrition (BANT). She is a consultant with resilience training company Wiser Working and has a nutrition clinic in Belfast.


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