In January, the BBC’s CBeebies team filmed part of an episode of their popular children’s TV series ‘Down On the Farm’ at the site of Colin Neighbourhood Partnership’s allotments on the outskirts of Poleglass.

ALLOTMENTS BUILDING IMG 33411024x664 Filming ‘Down on the Farm’ at the Colin Allotments

 The Colin Allotments and Healthy Living Centre will appear in an episode where school children from Belfast harvest beetroot from the plots and pickle veggies in the allotment kitchen under the expert eye of Colin Allotment holder and keen pickler, Ann McCarron.


Marketing Officer at Colin Neighbourhood Partnership and Colin Allotments, Emma Toner, said: “We were very excited that the ‘Down On the Farm’ producers chose the Colin Allotment site in Poleglass to feature in one of their episodes.  It’s a great opportunity for people to see this hidden gem of the Colin area and to showcase all the different activities that take place at the Colin Allotments.”

ALLOTMENT Kids kitchen IMG 3349 1024x675Filming takes place in the Colin Allotment Kitchen for an episode of ‘Down on the Farm’


ALLOTMENT CREW IMG 3332 1024x682

 ‘Down On the Farm’ cameraman Tom Webster, Colin Allotment holder Ann McCarron and soundman Paul Thompson


You can watch the new episode on the BBC’s CBeebies channel and on iplayer on Friday 2nd March at 5pm (Please note that schedules are liable to change).


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