For the second year running, the Colin Community took to the streets on World Suicide Prevention Day to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention.

The “Walk & Talk” event organised by Colin Neighbourhood Partnership and supported by the Urban Village Initiative, was routed from the new Colin Town Square along the Stewartstown Road to McKinstry roundabout and back. The local community was invited to join the walk for any amount of time from 5 mins to an hour. 

Local groups in attendance included the essential services, local schools and sports clubs. Lifeline were also available on the day to offer support and guidance and reinforce the key message of just talk and the lifeline crisis response helpline service number 0800 808 8000.

Umberto Scappaticci, Community Development Worker, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership commented "We are here as part of World Suicide Prevention Day and we are promoting the importance of walking and talking. We've come through an extremely hard time and people’s mental health will have been affected during the lockdown.

We are advising people to talk about it and to air how they are feeling. And if they are feeling low, to contact Lifeline and talk to someone there. Talk to anybody and share how they are feeling. Don't let it build up where maybe it would become a problem.

It's very important that we get out and show the people that this community is 100% behind suicide awareness and suicide prevention. We'll do all we can in Colin Neighbourhood Partnership with other community activists and community groups in this area to support people.”

Every person who participated in the walk was given a Lifeline card to keep the cards in their wallets or purses and were encouraged to phone Lifeline if they ever need to talk.