PABBS Training

Colin Neighbourhood Partnership recently hosted Postvention Assisting those Bereaved by Suicide training (PABBS) in the Colin area.

Facilitated by Suicide Bereavement UK, PABBS is the only evidence based, evaluated and CPD accredited suicide bereavement training internationally. It was developed from a three-year research study (The PABBS Study), led by Dr Sharon McDonnell at the University of Manchester and funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

This highly interactive course aims to provide those who support people affected by suicide with the necessary skills for responding to and caring for those bereaved or affected by suicide. This was the first time the training had been delivered in Northern Ireland. Participants included statutory, voluntary and health and care workers from the Colin community.

Dr Sharon McDonnell (Managing Director, Suicide Bereavement UK commented “This was the first and only time that we have delivered PABBS training in N Ireland.  This is of concern, especially as those bereaved by suicide are also at risk of dying by suicide, combined with the fact that the National Suicide Bereavement report entitled ‘From Grief to Hope’ (McDonnell et al 2020) highlighted those in Northern Ireland are more likely to have experienced more than one suicide compared to rest of the UK!”.

“I never fail to be impressed at the dedication of the third sector who are often left to deal with and care for, these vulnerable high-risk people at a time of intense need. This is despite research stating many of those bereaved by suicide, encounter difficulties that fit within the remit of psychiatric services.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to deliver PABBS suicide bereavement training to Colin Neighbourhood Partnership. From the onset it was evident that this was a close-knit community, who come together for the greater good, bringing together different disciplines, embracing learning and daring to touch upon ‘taboo topics’ such as suicide bereavement, in order to ‘step up’ and effectively care for the vulnerable members of their community.  In my opinion ‘Colin Neighbourhood Partnership’ are leading by example that other organisations need to follow.”

Annie Armstrong, Manager, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership added “This was a very valuable opportunity to better our understanding of suicide bereavement. We are now better informed and understand the appropriate steps that are need to support those bereaved by suicide and maybe help prevent another person dying by suicide.”