care4Care circle were awarded with the Business in the Community 2007 Local Community Impact Award for its considerable efforts in operating as a business incubator for Colin Care, a new social economy enterprise in the Colin Area, servicing a population of 31,000 people.

Providing administrative and training support on a daily basis, through operations director Martin Doran, Care Circle also helped source some initial funding to establish the project. With profit margins now at roughly 12 per cent, Colin Care has rooted itself firmly as a key employer in the Community.

Panelists judging the local Community Impact Award were very impressed with the initiative, remarking: "Colin Care is clearly an excellent model of community development. Full credit must go to Care Circle for its diligence in sharing best practice and helping chart a successful course for Colin Care. Creating and maintaining new jobs in neighbourhood renewal areas is of fundamental importance to the prosperity of these districts and to Northern Ireland as a whole. The fact that these jobs are also in the care industry is a welcome bonus."

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