An arts and culture information day for the over 50’s was held in the Balmoral Hotel on Friday 3rd October, hosted by Good Morning Colin.

Arts and crafts were on display along with a demonstration from the Andersonstown School of Music in the guitar, bodhran, fiddle and flute.


Isabel Flood, Coordinator of Good Morning Colin explained the purpose of the event,

“Through conversations with our clients we have discovered that they would like to get involved in arts activities in the community. Many of the 50+ groups are lunch clubs but they didn’t seem interested in this, so we decided to host this event as a mechanism to inform them of arts activities that they could get involved in.

We invited Andersonstown School of Music along to provide some entertainment as well as demonstrating the type of instruments that older people in the community could learn to play, showing them that you are never too old to take up a new hobby. Local artist Dawn Allen also attended the event to display the artwork carried out by the Network Club, who attend art classes in Cloona House each week. For those interested in history we invited the Dunmurry Local History and Heritage Group who are always happy to have new members.

After the information and entertainment lunch was provided courtesy of Investing for Health and we would like to thank them along with CFNI for funding the event.”

Selene Turley, Out-Reach Worker, Good Morning Colin explained that the event was not only an opportunity to get their clients involved in more activities but to actually meet them face to face.

“We along with our volunteers speak to client’s everyday on the phone but it is great to finally meet them and put a face to the familiar voice, and I’m sure that they feel the same way. This event helped us both to form a closer relationship which can only enhance the vital service that we provide.”

Rosaleen Spence, a client of the Good Morning Colin project raved about the service,

“They phone me every day and ask how I am, it’s a great comfort. I actually have a friend who lives beside me that wants to join.”

If you would like to avail of the Good Morning Colin service or would like to get involved in arts activities contact Isabel on 9062 7863