Young people from Saints Youth Centre in Twinbrook have taken it upon themselves to shake of the bad reputation that our youths often get by visiting the homes of older people in the Colin area and giving them a Christmas hamper.


“The young people in the centre approached me and said that they wanted to do something nice for the older people in their community coming up to Christmas. They were concerned that they often get bad press from a result of the actions of a few of their peers and they wanted to change the perception that older people have of them,” explained Mags Rowan, Youth Worker in Saints Youth Centre.

She continued,

“The young people raised enough money for 65 hampers through bag packing, discos etc, as well as bringing in food from their own homes and we are very proud of them.”

The group worked in partnership with Good Morning Colin to identify and deliver hampers to those most in need in the community.

Isabel Flood, Coordinator of the Good Morning Colin Project explained what this act of kindness means to the elderly within our community.

“Christmas can be a hard time for older people in our community especially with many still feeling the effects of the credit crunch and rising costs of electricity and heating. These hampers will provide the essentials for a happy Christmas including, tea, biscuits, sugar, pudding and much more.

The children have worked so hard and our clients have been touched with their generosity and kindness. Margaret Campbell, a long standing client of ours was delighted with her hamper and told us that this shows the real nature of our young people and the food will be a great help to her over the Christmas period.”

Young people from Saints Youth Centre and Good Morning Colin plan to work together in the future to help older people in the Colin area live safer and happier lives.

If you are an older person and could benefit from the services of Good Morning Colin contact Isabel on 90 627863.